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Claire is a mixed media painter based in Indianapolis, Indiana. She graduated from the Herron School of Art and Design in 2015. Nature has inspired Claire all of her life. She spent her childhood swimming in lakes, digging in the earth and talking to the trees. Painting landscapes allows Claire to create her own worlds influenced by dreams, feelings, and memory. 


Color has also been a fascination of Claire's for many years now, particularly the way memories can feel both muted and vibrant at the same time. Mixing colors on palettes and even right on the canvas allows her to explore and continue to learn from and be surprised by color. 


Claire’s most recent body of work has been influenced by recurring dreams. Layers of hills and flashes of maroon on top of green are all that she remembers when waking up from one of the repeated dreams. Water is nearby; sometimes in the form of a lake, sometimes a river. The feeling of the dream is what starts each new painting. Once started, Claire paints intuitively to finish the piece. Each brushstroke informs the next until a sense of balance is reached.

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